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Dated: March 31 2019

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Real Estate - Everybody’s Doing It!

I run into a LOT of people everyday and more often than not when someone asks me what I do these days- and I respond with “Real Estate”... almost immediately the reaction is: “Who isn’t?” 

I know.  It seems like everyone has a real estate license these days and it leaves homeowners wondering, what do I do?  I have spoken with several unrepresented sellers as of late and I wanted to know what their thoughts were on this growing epidemic. Of course I love my profession and am not trying to deter interest, but rather, to add value to those of you who aren’t sure what to do about hiring a Realtor. 

I’ll tell you here why it looks so attractive, seems to be so easy to get into, and what to look for when you’re trying to hire someone and you want to be sure you get it right the first time. Alas, another Realtor with a solution - I can appreciate the irony here but I urge to read on. I assure you, my unrepresented friend, that you will find value. 

Why It looks so EASY! 

Real Estate, albeit difficult to become a master in, is not a difficult career to  “get into”. Based largely in sales, Realtors must be good with people and that is the main piece that seems to woo the average sales person into the “lucrative” and “easy” career that is real estate. (I’ll explain the “quotes” - this is called sarcasm...) The real mistake people make here when they are good at sales or just with people, is that they assume the material will be quick and easy to absorb, that it is more about sales tactics than property knowledge. In reality there is a real difference between what is learned in real estate school and what happens in every unique, different, specific transaction and with each individual property. The truth is that whether you take the classes on line or in person, the barriers to entry in the real estate profession are fairly low. A cost of $300-$1000 will get you a license assuming
you are over 18 with a high school diploma, can pass a background check and have the fees to pay your licensing and board dues along with access to the MLS and whatever affiliated brokerage fees you encounter where your new license will hang. In the grand scheme of things, you could switch careers in less than 6-weeks

What to look for!

Okay so far the Realtor is good with people, likely good in sales and may even have a background in it.  This usually means they are positive, upbeat people who enjoy multi-tasking and are usually charismatic and engaging. There certainly are other demeanors to possess but this is the overwhelming disposition of the industry from my perspective. Being good at sales, especially in an over-saturated, highly competitive market isn’t going to sell your home any faster. Marketing, branding, cute flyers, open houses, and all the other tactics, may or may not sell your home faster - we can get there later. The one thing that will undoubtedly and certainly be sure to sell your house is - an agent who has an understanding of real estate. Broad statement, I know. Bare with me

You need an agent who looks at your home and their immediate questions relate to the quality and the condition of your home, second to it’s location and how it competes with homes around it. Homes that would actually be considered similar and not just in size. There are SO MANY things to think about when it comes to a home. One of my BIGGEST struggles as an agent is having a seller listen to the advice I provide regarding their home sweet home. Even the wisest of my clients wince at the numbers that don’t match whatever number they had in their mind. It is the truth though, and I find comfort in providing that to them. I always talk them through the why and the what and answer their questions but the painful truth is - most consumers understand much less about the homes they live in than we as Realtors assume they do. I spend a lot of hours, actually years, looking at property the way that the people who lend you the money for the mortgage look at it and this perspective will certainly shift your view of what decisions you make and what money you spend on your place. Not to say that every agent would share this perspective but my intention in pointing out the lack of knowledge that the general public has about the intricacies of real estate is to say that in your Realtor - look for understanding. Knowledge is great, education - fantastic. Experience though - this trumps the rest. When real estate is someone’s second language, when it is easy to talk about and they aren’t caught of guard but rather interested in your insights as well, THAT is how you spot an agent you should hire and hold on to. A valuable agent understands valuable concepts - Value add +2

Okay, marketing actually does matter... 

Branding, marketing, advertising - they are actually 3 different things. Assuming that you’ve struck Realtor gold in the first two categories, this would be the last thing to look for in your next/first choice in Realtor. Making sure your agent knows WHO is looking for your property, WHERE to find them and HOW to engage them - is becoming more and more important every day. Pictures, staging, de-personalizing, there is a lot to cover here but the main thing is making sure the marketing is there for your home.  When an agent has a prominent social media presence, adds value to their community, and takes time to add value to those around them - this is when you know you’ve hit the trifecta. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, the list goes on and on- and social media and advanced AI technology is not going anywhere. An agent who stays aware of the trends in real estate, not just here in Arkansas but nationwide, and who is concerned with where their industry is going and the role they play within that industry, is the agent you want on your side.  

This last item is the, just in time, final and fourth key to landing the perfect agent. (March Madness anyone?) Anyway, an invested member of their industry, is a professional. Real estate is not a part time profession. Despite the deep and wide net of opportunity that can be afforded to a hard working individual regardless  of their prior career or starting point - the full time, fully vested, professional Realtors in the industry - are the ones you should hang your hat on. Realtors should hold one another accountable to get involved with their local boards and their political action committees so they can inspire change where it is needed in their industry and support their clients in a whole different way. If you have found the agent who possess all these qualities and more, you should have an easy time of moving on to the next home with their trusted advice and service. 

Real estate, at the end of the day, is a service based industry full of hard working people who have (for the most part) set their intention to assist home buyers and sellers on their journey home. Those of us who also represent investors and business owners have the great privilege of watching how real estate can bring wealth and financial freedom to so many people in so many different ways. Our career, real estate, is an art form. It is something that encompasses a Realtor’s entire life  - when they are fully invested in it. Time, honesty, effort, education, repetition, competition, hard work and dedication are absolute requirements of a full time agent or broker. To our dear, For-Sale-By-Owner friends ESPECIALLY - the goal of this blog is to keep you aware, or remind you even, of the value we truly add. Do not let one bad experience or one bad apple, spoil the whole bunch of us who have set out to win your business, and keep it for years to come. 

Our true desire is to educate you and serve you, as you move. 

As peak season approaches and you begin to think about selling or buying a home, reach out to me and I will come to your home personally and provide you with a full analysis of your home.  Included is a FREE full measurement and sketch of your floor-plan! To set an appointment for this FREE VALUE, email 

Realtors, we are in this together. Public, we are in this for you. 

Until next time, 


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